I. School logo: School emblem (meaning of logo)

School logo

Shaanxi International Business College logo design main circle,With the word "trade" fusion changes,The word "Shang" is deformed like two Hongru who put their hands on a book,Meet each other halfway and discuss the world and life wisely,It aims to convey the active academic atmosphere of the school, the idea of "advocating learning and virtue" in running a school and facing challenges and opportunities,The belief of "running first-class education and cultivating practical talents"。Their business word head "亠" is for "sunrise" scene (the sun rises from the horizon) abstraction refinement, moral truth should be "apology" square "Ming" characteristics。“贸”字则与“商”字的偏旁笔划互借互用,其“卯”部变化既如双儒手托的两本书,又似翻开的文献、巨著;其“贝”部变化既像保险柜又似典藏成果的书架。This image reflects the spirit of Shaanxi International Business College of "practice education"。

The outer circle consists of the Chinese pinyin alphabet "G j", the standard calligraphy font and English translation of Shaanxi International Business College, and the circular circle with the theme of "business" to form the logo of the college。

Ii. School logo: School emblem plus the special font of Shaanxi International City Business College

School LOGO

Three, the main color blue orange (color value)