School connotation

School philosophy: adhere to the "local, application-oriented, emphasizing characteristics"

Local: As a newly built local undergraduate university, our school should fully consider the local needs, determine its mission, role, development ideas, development goals, and strive to serve the local scientific and technological innovation and economic and social development。Stand in the place, serve the place。The concept of "place" here refers to the broad sense of place, including all grassroots, production and service front lines, and not just the narrow sense of the place where the school is located。

Application: It is emphasized that the school should create specialties that meet the needs of local and industrial areas and cultivate high-quality applied talents for local areas。一是要加强应用型学科专业建设,特别是打造具有鲜明地方性、行业性特色的专业;二是要加强应用型人才培养,主动适应国家、区域经济社


Emphasis on characteristics: The characteristics of running a school are gradually condensed in the process of sustainable development of the school. Only by dislocation competition, promoting strengths and avoiding weaknesses, and developing according to the idea of "I have no one, and I have my advantages", can the school highlight its characteristics and enhance its competitiveness and influence。

School-running features: enterprises running schools, collaborative education, strong commercial medicine, local service

Enterprise education, highlighting the characteristics of our school。Relying on Buchang Pharmaceutical to run a school is the most significant feature of our school, which is different from other private colleges and universities, but also the biggest advantage of our school。Giving full play to the advantages of enterprises in running schools is a basic experience of our school。Practice proof,The advantages of running a school mainly lie in: first,In terms of guiding ideology, it maximally conforms to the "local" and "applied" orientation of the newly-built undergraduate colleges and the national requirements for the newly-built undergraduate colleges to realize "two outstanding" (emphasizing the training of application-oriented talents, emphasizing the service for local and industrial development)。Second, for school-enterprise cooperation in running schools, to build the integration of industry and education talentsThe cultivation model provides a natural mechanical advantage。第三,有利校于校企之间办学资源(包括人才、技术、物质、文化等)的无障碍整合;第四,有利于促进专业结构与课程体系的优化,以及实践教学体系和学生就业、创业体系的构建。Fifth, it is conducive to the interdependence of schools and enterprises, joint scientific and technological research and development and collaborative innovation, so as to better serve the development of local and industrial industries。Sixth, it is conducive to the mutual penetration of university culture and enterprise culture, and the construction of campus culture with distinctive characteristics of our school。

Collaborative education,Embodies the characteristics of our school's talent training。Our school is founded by Buchang Pharmaceutical,School-enterprise integration of natural advantages,It is not only conducive to realizing the common sharing of resources between schools and enterprises,And more importantly,So that enterprises take for granted to become the subject of responsibility for talent training,Actively participate in the whole process of talent training,Through the integration of production and education,Collaborative education,It plays an irreplaceable role in personnel training。

Strong business and medicine,Highlights the professional characteristics of our school。Economic management and medicine majors are the most distinctive and advantageous majors in our school。In recent years, our school has taken various measures to continuously strengthen the construction of these two majors, and take them as the guidance to drive the comprehensive and coordinated development of other majors。
Service place,Embodies the characteristics of our school's service orientation。我The university takes the service of regional economic and social development as an important direction。近年来,与当地政府和企事业单位建立多层面的合作机制,力争把学校打造成西咸地区政府决策的智库和应用型人才培养的基地。It should be emphasized that the concept of "place" here is a broad concept, not only referring to the location of the school, but also including all grassroots, production and service front lines。In other words, the orientation of our school to "serve local areas" includes not only serving regional economic and social development, but also serving all grassroots units, enterprises and the production and management front lines。

Campus culture

School motto: Morality, learning and practice

立德。erect。Morality, morality, conduct。Virtue means to establish a high moral。

笃学笃,忠实,深厚,专注;Study, study, knowledge。Duxue, refers to studious concentration, is willing to learn, specialized in learning, deep in learning, thick in learning, in knowledge and skills to achieve thick load。

允能To an educated person, a promise can be understood as a demand.。Ability, ability。允能。That is, to be able。Enabling means respecting humanity and personality, ability and talent, competition and innovation。

躬行Bow, body, self, person。Action, behavior, action。Practice is practice。To thoroughly understand the nature of things, but also to practice, stress the importance of practice for learning。

From the four aspects of "morality, learning, ability and practice" respectively, "morality, learning, ability and practice" explains the connotation and direction of school education in a more comprehensive and systematic way, points out the goal and approach of talent training, and puts forward specific and clear norms and requirements。It not only reflects the school-running tradition of the school, but also reflects the educational philosophy and cultural spirit of modern universities, highlighting the common cultural consciousness and spiritual pursuit of all teachers and students。

Learning wind: Learn your cautious technique to re-use

Be careful in your studyStudy, study, knowledge。Expensive, attach importance to, admire。Cautious, cautious and serious, meticulous, precise, impeccable。Learning your careful, means to study and explore knowledge to be rigorous and fine, meticulous, which is not only a learning attitude and method, but also a scientific spirit。

The operation was reappliedArt, craft, skill。Be important, valued, respected。To, get, get。Use, use, function。Reapplication of technique means learning technology, and we should pay attention to application, that is, applying what we learn。

"Be Careful in learning and Reapply your Skills" is closely combined with the reality of our school. It highly summarizes the spirit, attitude, method and direction of teachers and students' learning from the perspectives of teaching and learning, learning knowledge and mastering skills。

School spirit: Shangde inspirational diligence self-improvement pragmatic expansion new inclusive and open

suntechStill, admire, respect。Morality, morality, conduct。Shang De is the pursuit of noble moral character。励,砥砺,激励;志,意志,志向。Encouragement is to achieve the ideal and temper, stimulate morale, forge ahead in the process of mental adjustment。Shangde encouragement means advocating morality, motivating morale, the pursuit of ideals, the spirit of progress。
Self-improvement with diligenceDiligent, hard, try your best。Strenuously, cheer up and carry forward。Self, self, self。Strong, strong, strong, strong, strong, strong。Diligent self-improvement is through hard work to achieve their own strong, and then strong country。
Be realistic and innovativeSeek, explore, seek。Reality, reality, fact, also means true, honest。To seek truth is to respect facts, explore laws, pay attention to practical results, and proceed from reality。Something new, as opposed to the old, means new, new, new。To expand the new means to explore and innovate。It's a sign of spirit and a sign of ability。Only by forging ahead, can individuals make a difference, the collective can have vitality, the country can have a future, the nation can have hope。Innovation is the soul of a country. In order to pursue new discoveries, explore new laws and accumulate new knowledge, we should cultivate our own innovation consciousness and innovation ability to make greater contributions to the development of our country

Inclusiveness and opening-upPackage, including, inclusive。开,打开,开创;放,释放,放开。Inclusive and open means to accommodate all kinds of talents, skills, ideas and schools, open schools, strengthen the connection and integration between schools, between schools and society, between schools and enterprises, which not only shows a grand bearing, broad vision and magnanimous mind, but also reflects a modern educational concept and school-running spirit。

School spirit as the soul and essence of the school,It is the vivid embodiment of Buchang Pharmaceutical's corporate spirit of being brave, tough, rising in adversity and unremitting self-improvement in our school,It is a kind of ideal belief and value pursuit formed by the school in the long-term course of running,It is a kind of group consciousness and spiritual culture characteristic accumulated by teachers and students in the teaching process,It is also the overall style, educational philosophy and educational characteristics of the school,As well as cohesion, influence and charisma,It has an important guiding and motivating effect on all teachers and students。

“suntech”体现了崇尚道德建设、注重人格培养的道德理性精神;“Self-improvement with diligence”体现了勤学苦研奋发图强的学习和敬业精神;“Be realistic and innovative”体现了追求真理的科学精神和开拓进取的创新精神;“Inclusiveness and opening-up”体现了立足地方、面向国际、产学融合、兼容并包的开放精神。

The construction of campus culture is the need of the construction of socialist material civilization and spiritual civilization, and the need of ensuring the healthy growth of students and realizing the purpose of education。首先,Campus culture creates a cultural atmosphere of teaching and educating people,体现了一种精神;其次,通过Campus culture建设可以提升学校的文化品位;第三,Campus culture is the concentrated embodiment of a school's "spirit",是一所学校综合实力尤其是“软实力”的反映;第四,Campus culture plays an important role in improving the cohesion of teachers and students, cultivating good style of study and school spirit, and cultivating qualified talents。Strengthen the construction of campus culture,一是要坚持以社会主义核心价值观为引领;二是要有高度的文化自觉和文化建构能力;三是要把学校精神的凝练、传承与创新摆在突出位置,Use the step to grow the unique values of corporate culture,That is, the five-in-one spiritual value system consisting of the spirit of gratitude, the spirit of struggle, the spirit of perseverance, the spirit of tolerance and the spirit of responsibility enriches the school spirit,Carefully build the characteristic campus culture of Shaanxi International Business College。