Establishment of hospital department

Willingness is more important than ability: After 20 years of development, Shaanxi International Business College now has 10 secondary colleges, 3 teaching departments, 34 undergraduate majors and 18 higher vocational majors。The college insists on teaching students in accordance with their aptitude, arouses students' interest in learning, lets students understand their major and love their major, activates students' willingness, so as to better learn professional knowledge, master professional skills and establish their own goals。

Functional office

Service, guidance and encouragement: The Functional Office of Shaanxi International Business College takes "service, guidance and encouragement" as its purpose, and always puts the needs of teachers and students in the first place。We firmly believe in the power of action, with their own practical actions to show respect to teachers, to the whole school students to set up a "life and work" of the second class, with service to let students experience respect and care, with guidance to let students learn the basic etiquette of doing things, with encouragement to let students learn to grow up, establish confidence。

Teaching space

Practice integration and innovation: As an application-oriented university, we care more about students' mastery and practice of learning skills。Through various teaching Spaces, we break the restrictions of majors and departments, so that theories can take root here, and different ideas can collide and bloom here, creating new sparks of friction。We use a virtual reality scene, let the students out of the school's ivory tower, into the real society, teach the students every skill needed for the future job, to play a good role in the future life of the common sense。

The style of a famous teacher

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