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Excellent Art Works of College Students of Shaanxi International Commerce and Trade University Online Writing work "Delivering the Positive Energy of the Network, Taking on the New Mission of The Times"

2022-07-29 作者: 来源: Editor: Li Man

In the long river of history, the waves are rough。Many excellent ancient culture, under the touch of time, slowly become shallow until submerged。The big hand of time is rolling, in this bustling era, the electronic network sprints our life, the mouse click, the key click, the radio wave to stimulate one information point, the code series one character, at this moment, your words will be transmitted to my side。The rapid development of modern technology makes it possible for people all over the world to communicate with each other in an instant。But can we really understand each other with such convenient and fast means of communication?

In the past, people traveled far and wide to meet people who are lovesick. But now the Internet has turned the world into a global village where people separated by thousands of miles are no longer cut off from each other.。In the Internet era, the new generation of the Internet has its own social "slang". Different groups have different languages, behind which are different ways of life。But the smart behind does not mean unrestrained carnival, endless entertainment, the Internet is neither outside the law, nor the comfort zone to avoid the society, but we accept and transfer the positive energy platform, is a stage for us to undertake the historical mission。

It is the first step to purify the network environment and do a good job in cyberspace governance. The government needs to take the lead and actively lead the value direction. Enterprises should enhance their awareness of responsibility and do a good job in platform management and control。The lack of special laws and regulations on network security and information release leads to the blindness, arbitrariness, superficiality and one-sidedness of network supervision, which affects and restricts the healthy and orderly development of network supervision。This is why our country has issued the Cyber Security Law, which requires relevant departments to strengthen top-level design, do a good job of unified and effective supervision over the implementation of online media, and Internet enterprises should do a good job of implementation。At the fifth World Internet Conference,Chao Guowei, chairman and CEO of Sina and chairman of Weibo, also called for this in his speech to the plenary session of the conference,Internet platforms should have a heart of awe,We will actively strengthen platform governance,Assume Social responsibility,Sina Weibo has opened its rumor-dispelling capabilities to authoritative media and government accounts,It vividly reflects the positive value guidance of an enterprise。

A good network environment not only needs supervision, but also needs high-quality content support. Individuals should be good ambassadors to spread positive energy。Actively assume social responsibilities,For the welfare of the people,Seek development for the country,The Internet does provide people with a once-in-a-lifetime communication channel,But we should also see blue whale groups on the Internet.,Peppa Pig cartoons are maliciously violent,Sexual elements and other problems are common,Behind the convenience lies a lot of danger。To make good use of this double-edged sword, personal choice is particularly important。As the saying goes, "One mouth is full of rumors, and the other leg is broken." To tackle cyber chaos in accordance with the law, all parties need to work together to make sure that they do not dare or cannot, so as to nip it in the bud。To this end, each of us should remain true to our original aspiration, keep our mission in mind, extend our sense of responsibility to the Internet, and actively create a "good voice" to form a strong youthful and positive energy。

As the Internet opportunities are fleeting, governments need to make proper use of them, make overall planning, transform governance into co-governance, and make the Internet a powerful propeller for governance modernization。司法机关主动介入形成震慑,以案止案;相关职能部门落实监管职责。In order to truly realize the "two centenary goals" of the country and realize the rejuvenation of the nation, the voice of unified leaders is needed to guide the direction, and the Internet provides the best communication bridge between the government and the people。With the support of the Internet, the traditional social governance models such as the "people's Livelihood Council" and "grid management" have shown new vitality and strength in the new era, enabling people to actively participate in social governance through wechat groups, government online mailboxes, hotlines and other means。The government should continue to study and promote the integration of "Internet plus government", improve efficiency, optimize workflow and innovate governance concepts。

The Web is woven into our daily lives, and we need to deliver positive energy and real content on the Web。This has been an experience. Only when all sectors of society shoulder the mission entrusted by The Times, have the vision and responsibility, can we promote social progress and realize China's modernization。

We live in an era where "everyone has a microphone", where a keystroke is powerful, and a comment you don't know the truth about may be too heavy for others to bear。A growing number of Internet reversals also remind us that a simple sense of justice and empathy is not enough for netizens。Therefore, let's join the network civilization volunteers hand in hand, and strive to be a good netizen in China!

Here's what we need to do:

Be strict in self-cultivation and self-discipline

Praise can be blurted out, disparaging words, please think twice before you act, everyone thinks I just step on it, but thousands of troops have stepped on it, it is enough to destroy a person。First of all, we should learn self-control, strengthen self-protection awareness and resist the ability of external temptation。Although the Internet is virtual, it is a big platform for people to communicate and belongs to the public space. In the Internet, we should form good habits, speak and do civilized things in the same way as in our daily life. We should pay attention to improving our inner cultivation.。We should know how to adjust our emotions and control our emotions. The more information is confused and opinions are mixed, the more we should deal with it calmly and avoid emotional impulse and trouble。

Distinguish between right and wrong

In an avalanche, no snowflake is innocent。Second, we must distinguish right from wrong, distinguish between true and false, and resolutely resist bad information。The Internet can bring us great convenience,This is a benefit we should make good use of,But we should also consciously resist the dark side of the Internet,Don't create trouble by spreading rumors,In the face of false information will not be transmitted incorrectly,We should express our views on hot issues in the right way,When there is uncivilized behavior on the Internet,Or ignore it,Subject to legal and ethical standards,To be fair is as laudable as lifting up an old man。

Integrity Online

The people on the Internet, they only judge others based on their own cognitive boundaries and moral standards, they only believe what they see。Very few people really think from the other person's point of view。Finally, we should be honest and friendly, respect others, integrity online。The spread of civilization, is voluntary, is silent, is a kind of subtle cultivation, existing in every aspect of work and life。When we communicate with people on the network, we should do the disseminator of network civilization, start from ourselves, pay attention to their own words and actions, use civilized language, put an end to network violence, network fraud, consciously purify the network space。

Cyberspace is the spiritual home of hundreds of millions of netizens。It is the common call of hundreds of millions of Internet users to create a clean and healthy cyberspace and an ecological environment in cyberspace, and it is the proper meaning of building a strong cyber country。Only by deepening the ecological governance of the Internet environment, stimulating the clouds and clearing up the environment, promoting the positive energy and singing the main melody can we truly bring the beauty of cyberspace to the hearts and souls。

Operation Clear。"The law, the end of the rule"。To clean up cyberspace, it also requires the participation of multiple subjects such as the government, enterprises, society and netizens, and the cohesion of joint efforts to make the network more turbid and clear, and to correct the wind and air。