Cooperation and Exchange

We always have a dream: to go abroad, to the international。

In recent years, our school has established cooperative relations with more than a dozen colleges and universities such as Shaanxi University of Chinese Medicine and Taiwan Chaoyang University of Science and Technology. We have also established intercollegiate exchange and cooperation relations with many colleges and universities in India, South Korea, Singapore, New Zealand, France, etc. We have also cooperated with London Chamber of Commerce and Industry Examination Authority (LCCI) to establish UKLCCIInternational Course Teaching Center of Shaanxi International Business College。


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It was founded by Buchang Pharmaceutical
Number of students
Bachelor degree, vocational major
It has conducted exchanges and cooperation with 120 enterprises

International Exchange

At present, our international cooperation institutions include:

Modoc University, Australia (China Australia)1+3"Undergraduate Dual Diploma Program")

University of Poitiers, France (3+1"Sino-french International Talents Joint Training Program")

Halifax Language Institute, Canada ("0+4"项目),Mount St. Vincent University (Canada and China)2+2"项目)

Birmingham City University ("3+1"Project), Cardiff Metropolitan University ("3+1"A double major with a master's degree)


Domestic exchange

At present, our school has domestic cooperative enterprises

Buchang Pharmaceutical, Shaanxi Lehua Hengye Group, Jingdong Group, Shenzhen Aidier Jewelry Co., LTD., Diamond Co., LTD., Alice Hong Kong Jewelry Co., LTD., Youngor Group Apparel Co., LTD., BUPT 3G, Guangdong Chaohongji Industrial Co., LTD.

At present, our school has domestic cooperative universities

Shaanxi University of Chinese Medicine Taiwan Chaoyang University of Science and Technology